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Reunions With Class and your committee have been hard at work locating your classmates. The people listed below have either not been found or their last address has not been verified. If you can help locate these alumni or their relatives, know their profession, best friend, etc., please click on the classmate's name.

Sharon Alquist  James Austin  Madelyn Barnett  
Colleen Benish  Kenneth Bentley  Shirley Biglow  
James Borgen  Ardis Brown  Bill Brown  
Geraldine Bushnell  Marie Byrd  Robert Cain  
Marguerite Cruea  Dorothy Curry  Linda Day  
Anthony Doyle  Georgia Egan  Jon Eng  
Jimmie Favors Jimmie Ruthie Fields  Janet Fills  
William Finister  Gerrie Gallup Severson Harold Gamble  
Dorothy Garth  Steve Geiver  Arthur Gibson  
Diane Gilbertson  Bernice Goehring  Eugene Graham  
Jean Grant  Helen Gray  Jo Anne Green  
Susan Grosscup  Emastine Guenther  David Haberman  
Roberta Hall  Wilma Hall  Brenda Hampton  
Chuck Harris  Beulah Hart Nelson Leroy Hartwell  
Molly Haun  Robert Henry  Esther Howell Taylor 
William Ingraham  Samual Johnson  Thomas Johnson  
James Jones  Samual Jones  Dorothy Kennon  
James Kinney  Veraletta Kirksey  Dan Kis  
Travis Knight  Mary Lada  Mary Laughlin  
Freddie Lester  Betty Lloyd  Stephen Lockwood  
Roberta Lord  Janice Luke  Jessie Madison  
Barbara Massey  Edward McAlister  Sandra McKay  
Sharon McMullen  Donna Miller  Robert Miller  
Dennis Mitchell  Janice Nagai  John Numoto  
Donald Patrick  Kathryn Perry  Darlene Prentice  
Bernice Quarve  Carole Richmond Taplin Clarke Riddle  
Kenneth Ritter  Leo Robinson  Margaret Robinson Freeman 
Susan Sako  Richard Samata  Bill Sexton  
Samuel Smith  Carolyn Sommer  Lonny Swanson  
Lillie Tate  Gloria Taylor Kelly Gurteen Taylor  
Geneva Thomas  Jeanne Tsoming  Benjamin Turner  
Helen Walker  Renee Washington Patterson Emma Weatherby  
Lillie Wells  Nancy Wheeler Robinson Suzanne Whitcher  
Shirley Williams  Carol Wold  Terry Yoshikawa  
Sandra Young  Stephen Young   

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Reunion - Garfield '61