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North Salem Class of '65
Fifty Year Reunion

We are the mighty Vikings, the class of 1965, the largest senior class ever at NSHS!  At least 837 of our classmates went through baccalaureate and commencement on June 3, 1965. We made it! Our futures were shaped by our years and shared experiences at North Salem, and we are looking forward to revisiting those years this summer. So get on the phone, jump on Facebook, pull up your contact list and tell all your friends. Let's see everyone at the NSHS 50th Reunion on July 31, 2015!

Our class has quite an athletic legacy. Who could forget the Friday night football games coached by Spike Hillstrom - especially against our nemesis, the South Salem Saxons -followed by the after-game dances and pizza at Shakey's?  Or the infamous three-way coin toss among the three District Champions for the honor of going to the State Playoffs? Or the rousing basketball games led by Coach Barker, who took the Vikings to the State Tournament the prior year? And the controversial "Dead Saxon Confederate Flag" halftime skit during the Civil War basketball game with South?  Or our Viking baseball team taking second place in State? We also competed honorably in wrestling, swimming, track, tennis and golf.

And we shared cultural enrichment through participating and listening to our school orchestras, choirs, bands and pep band. And our many school clubs gave us the opportunity to learn and grow with friends having common interests. Language clubs (German, Spanish, Latin and French) gave students a more global outlook on life. Clubs such as Future Business Leaders, Medical Leaders, Teachers, Farmers and International Relations helped prepare us for our future careers. Clarion Newspaper and Annual staffs gained journalistic prowess to carry them into the future, while capturing our experiences at NSHS. Others enjoyed sharing hobbies like skiing, chess, and politics. Social growth and awareness that promoted character and morals could be found through Girl's League, Y-Teens and Hi-Y. And of course, the all-important Hi-Y Pin that was the common dating symbol behind the "pinning" ritual between girl and boy "friend."

Of course, we can't forget the Fun Times! How many people got caught by Assistant Principal Hanauska while sneaking through the halls late for class? And who better to help you out when you had to go to the office than Mrs. Gilmore? How many people had their keys jammed in typing class? We all had fun with Twirp Day, the Vik Varieties Talent Show and the Halloween Cadaver Dance, being entertained by the Fugitives and the Phi Dels. The Roman Holiday Junior/Senior Prom with Stubby Mills playing his trumpet and leading his band gave us the opportunity to feel grown-up, as we would be all too soon.

We'll never forget the girls with their bouffant hair and the guys with their comb-backs and crew cuts who loved to get wild and crazy at the dances with songs like "Louie-Louie" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."  We hope everyone is ready to step back 50 years and share the NSHS experience once again. See you this summer and Let's Wail!


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Jul 31, 2015