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Shorecrest Class of '77
Forty Year Reunion

The plans for our reunion are coming together nicely, but we need your help to make this event a huge success! Get on the phone, jump on Facebook, pull up your contact list and tell your friends - we want to see everyone at the reunion.

Our two day reunion will begin Saturday, August 19th, 6-11pm at the Sand Point Country Club and conclude Sunday August 20th, 2-11pm with a Lake Washington Beach Party in Bellevue (hosted by a classmate). 

Be sure to update your contact information so we can keep in touch. Continue to check back for updates and new information. We look forward to seeing you at this special once-in-a-decade occasion.

Make your reservation today!

Pictures to Right:  Sand Point Club House & View and Lake WA home for beach party



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Aug 19, 2017