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Issaquah Class of '97
Twenty Year Reunion
Dear Issaquah High School Class of '97 Classmates,

The plans for our 20-year reunion on Friday, September 22, 2017, are coming together nicely, but we need YOUR help to make this reunion a huge success for all! Please get on the phone, jump on Facebook, find old contact lists (or maybe even an old IHS phone directory), and tell all your old friends and classmates that we want to see everyone at the reunion!

Part of our life story and who we are today was shaped by our four years of high school. Those old IHS walls hold a small but important piece of each of our lives. Four years seemed like such an eternity when we were new freshmen, but looking back now, we all realize how quickly those four years of high school actually flew by. By attending our 20-year reunion, we have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and revisit those high school memories (some good and some bad), but all people and experiences that shaped who we are today. As we get older, we gain a new and greater appreciation for those carefree days of high school and the people who helped shape us.

Please update your contact information so we can keep in touch and provide you with all the necessary information you will need to attend the reunion. Continue to check back here on the RWC homepage and also on our FB group page for updates and new information.

We look forward to seeing you at this very special event!

Your class of '97 Reunion Planning Committee,

Brent, Chris, Jamie, Kailee, Shaun, and Xio

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Sep 22, 2017