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Roosevelt Class of '67
Fifty Year Reunion
Welcome to the RHS 1967 class page!  

Dear Committee and classmates,

I am so happy to report that the reunion was a success!!  It was so good to see many of you at the events of this weekend! We missed those of you that were unable to make it!

We had a great turnout for both the Roosevelt H.S. tour and for the golf morning!  The Saturday evening event was fantastic according to those that attended!  I had compliments on the food!  There was music, a slide show, memorabilia, Memorial board and a great program.  There was even an informal gathering at The Duchess Pub on Friday night - thanks for all these events!

Please be sure to keep your information updated by emailing Kathy Gough Kaseburg at kaseburg@comcast.net so that we can find you in the future.  We will have get-togethers in the future.

There are two organizations that you may be interested in.  

The first is Golden Grads.  This organization does a luncheon each year.  They also put out a newsletter several times a year.  They award scholarships to students and teachers. You can contact them at rhsgoldengrads.org

The second is an organization called The Roosevelt Foundation.  This organization is centered around the school more than former students.  This is the organization that set up our tour of the school.  They provide tangible support to faculty, classrooms and programs at RHS.  They rely on the alumni, parents and the community to ensure excellence at Roosevelt.  You can contact them at rooseveltfoundation.org

The Reunion Committee thanks you all for your support and your encouraging words!!

Kathy Gough Kaseburg, Mary Harding, John Enger, JoAnne Luke Lee, Dev and Marsha(Bean) Crockett and Ed White


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Oct 7, 2017