What does Reunions With Class do?

  How far in advance should we start planning the reunion?

  What financial risk does the reunion committee have?

  How is the ticket price determined?

  How do we locate all our classmates?

  What is the reunion committee responsible for?

  Who chooses where the reunion is located?

  How do I get started working with you?

What does Reunions With Class do?
Reunions With Class is a reunion management company that specializes entirely in the planning of high school class reunions. We are experts that can help you plan, organize, and run your reunion from start to finish. As most people discover, conducting a successful reunion can easily take hundreds of hours of planning and preparation, not to mention thousands of dollars in upfront costs.

Reunions With Class will dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to plan your reunion. From locating all your classmates, to assuming all financial responsibilities, to mailing invitations, Reunions With Class provides the most comprehensive reunion services available. As your advocate, we will negotiate the best pricing with the venues, catering and entertainment.

You can be as involved as much as you like, and we will work with you to create the best package for your reunion. Your Account Manager will work with you directly from day one through the entire reunion planning process.

How far in advance should we start planning the reunion?
From the day we begin working together, we recommend planning for a reunion 6-12 months later. This provides us enough time to receive your materials, secure a venue, locate your classmates and notify them 3 times. This will allow your classmates to make the proper travel arrangements, thereby maximizing attendance at your reunion.

Reunions With Class can produce a reunion on shorter notice depending on various circumstances, however we recommend that you get started as early as possible to get your date and location - they book up quickly.

What financial risk does the reunion committee have?
Reunions With Class assumes the financial risk for the reunion. We are responsible for all the bills and upfront costs of the reunion. To engage our services, the committee makes a $500 deposit to secure our services. This deposit is designed to be returned to the committee once the attendance goals are achieved, therefore costing the committee nothing to hire us. 

How is the ticket price determined?
The ticket price has four main components. A significant factor is the cost of the facility where you will hold the reunion. The nicer places simply cost more. Another factor is the meal you will be served. Again, that amount goes to the facility where the reunion will be held, often a hotel or catering company. A third portion of the ticket price goes to cover other expenses at the reunion. These items include: decorations, event staff, memory book, and DJ or other entertainment. A final portion of the ticket price covers all the other expenses related to putting on a reunion. These expenses include: data entry, classmate location, multiple mailings/printings, insurance, merchant fees, website management and customer service.

How do we locate all our classmates?
Reunions With Class will locate your classmates for you. We have access to a sophisticated, comprehensive, and up-to-date database containing names and addresses of nearly everyone with a public address. With an active reunion committee we will contact 80-90% of your classmates in some form or fashion: direct mail, e-mail, website, newspaper, radio, family, friends, school, etc.

What is the reunion committee responsible for?
Your class reunion committee members can be involved as much or as little as they want to be. While Reunions With Class is completely capable of handling all the tasks involved in conducting a reunion, statistics show the more involved the committee is, the better the attendance at the reunion. The committee’s role is to enthusiastically promote the reunion during the planning phase and extend personal invitations to attend when contacting classmates. For the reunion night itself, we recommend your committee put together a simple program for the evening along with memorabilia from your high school years.

Who chooses where the reunion is located?
Your reunion committee for your class will make this decision. Reunions With Class will assist them in making the decision, including identifying a variety of locations to consider and the associated pricing.

Why should we use Reunions With Class?
This is discussed in detail in the Why Choose Us section.

How do I get started working with you?
Contact us! We need to collect a few items from you that will help us create a comprehensive database of your classmates and spend some time with you to figure out your vision for your reunion. We have a Getting Started packet we will send you that makes it easy to begin. We certainly look forward to working with you on your reunion!

“I want to THANK YOU in a big way for the very professional and personal way the entire process was handled. I will definitely recommend your organization to anyone.”
Deb Spoelstra, Edmonds, ‘74

“The reunion night was wonderful! Reunions With Class did all the work regarding the reunion night itself; including the venue, food, decorations and pictures. Everything was perfect and the best part was that all we had to do was show up and have fun!”
Linda Keizur, Lake Washington ‘73

“I know that this reunion wouldn't have come off without you and your company. Thank you so very much for a wonderful event!”
Molly Carey, Cloverpark ‘75

“I didn’t have to do anything but show up and have a great time! It was definitely a night to remember and we have RWC to thank. We cannot wait to use them in another ten years!”
Bryson Galanti, Interlake ‘94

“Reunions With Class has planning a reunion down to a “T”…but what makes them special is their ability to tailor and personalize each reunion to fit your needs. It’s amazing how Reunions With Class makes you feel like your reunion is the most special and important.”
Julie Ogata, Mercer Island ‘84

“I personally would not have enjoyed being chairperson at the event without your participation. It took a load off of my shoulders; the search for classmates was certainly made easier through your efforts. The committee all felt that our job was made easier, compared to the many other reunions that we’ve worked on in the past! Your staff was always pleasant and quickly responded to questions and requests.”
Marilyn Clise, Renton ‘54

“Thanks for your help Kirsten! You did a great job! We really had a good time and loved the fact that you guys took on the stressful stuff for us! Thanks!”
Sheri Stephens, Shorecrest ‘95

“Everyone was pleased with the food, decorations and smooth handling of the entire reunion process. We are grateful, Kirsten, for your excellent staff and professionalism. Thanks, again. Please maintain our records in anticipation of our 60th reunion in 2010.”
Earl M. Bivins, Ballard ‘50

“Reunions With Class organized our 30th year reunion, and was a huge help in making it a very successful event. They were responsive, helpful, and did a great job of keeping the committee “moving forward”. Above all, they were especially attentive the night of the reunion with their on site staff. I would recommend them to help with any class reunion.”
Dave Matthews, Roosevelt ‘77

“Wow! It was great! So many compliments were given to me about the reunion. You guys did a great job! Thanks so much for all the hard work! I had many thank yous and compliments and many asking me to plan a 25-year reunuion!”
Audra Atherton, Kentridge ‘87

“Thank you to you and your colleagues for a fantastic and well organized reunion in August. Your team did an excellent job.”
Leah Stackpole, Interlake ‘87

“Thank you. I am still being thanked by classmates on how much fun they had.”
Annette Kerber, Everett ‘67

“Now that it is all over, just wanted to let you know what a great success our reunion was…the food was excellent, our decorations were superb.”
Michelle Sloan, Bellevue ‘84

“The reunion would not have been successful without RWC!”
Lisa Fischer, Federal Way ‘84

“Reunions With Class took care of all the details and the reunion came off without a hitch, mainly because Reunions With Class has been doing this for many years.”
Kit Wright, Lake Washington ‘64

“Thanks so much, Kirsten. I very much enjoyed working with you, Christina and Mary Clare on our reunion, and I think it turned out to be a big success. I wouldn't hesitate to use Reunions With Class in the future.”
Jim Austin, Shoreline ‘68

“Just a quick note to thank you all again for a great job!! All went well, & we had a wonderful time.”
Jeff Knapp, Sammamish ‘68

“I just wanted to send a quick email to say "Thank you!" for helping us throw a great ten year reunion! Our Friday night event at the Glover Mansion was terrific! Everything was so well organized, the decorations were perfect, and the food was delicious. It was wonderful to be able to attend the reunion as a committee member and just enjoy myself instead of worrying about all details - thank you! I would highly recommend your services and look forward to working with you again in ten years.”
Devri Donnelly, Cheney ‘98

“Thanks! We had a great time. Everyone enjoyed the venue, the atmosphere, and especially the food. Thanks again for the help from the entire staff at RWC. You really helped make a memorable event.”
Mike Funis, Lincoln ‘68

“Many thanks. RWC was a lifesaver, and I can say with confidence that my classmates had a good time.”
Anne Shelby, Lewis & Clark ‘88

“Thanks so much- it was a perfect evening!”
Andrea Taylor, Newport ‘78

“The reunion went really well overall! Thanks to you and all of your co-workers for the hard work you did to help find our classmates, and for putting on a successful event! The whole weekend turned out great. Thank you again for helping to make our evening memorable!”
Heather Bucklin-Ellard, Woodway ‘88

“Thanks Kirsten. I thought the reunion was a huge success and your team did a wonderful job.”
Scott Cutler, Issaquah ‘88

“Thank you Kirsten. You guys did a great job and our reunion was a lot of fun. Thank you for making it so easy for us!”
Dana Gray, Redmond ‘78