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Mariner Class of '72
Forty Year Reunion
The Reunion Planning Committee has been meeting for some weeks now and things are rolling along. However, we'd love your help! Get out your contact list and call your friends, email them, text them, contact them on Facebook. Our goal is to see as many of you at the reunion as possible! We've got a couple of really fun events that we hope you'll enjoy. On Friday, August 24th, we plan on getting tribal at the Tulalip Resort and Casino and the following Saturday, we plan to rock the Boys and Girls Club of Mukilteo with a picnic and schmooze party. Please join us in our quest to relive some of those crazy high school memories! Come reconnect with old friends and have a ball! Be sure to use this site to update your contact information so we can keep in touch. And continue to check back regularly for updates and new information. We look forward to seeing you at this special once-in-a-decade celebration. Please join us! Sincerely, Mariner High School Class of '72 Reunion Committee
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Aug 24, 2012