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Lincoln Class of '69
Fifty Year Reunion
You don't need to go to Mr. Wuflestad's office, get a hall pass or turn in your geometry homework late - ever, in fact!

 It's been fifty years since Lincoln lunches or a gallon of gas cost 35 cents each. And Dick's hamburgers were 19 cents and fries 11 cents when we hung out there on Friday and Saturday nights. They still taste better than any other drive-in burgers.

YUP, There has been a whole lot of change in the world in 50 years, but aren't we still the same good looking, studious and upstanding folks we were in 1969? So it's time for our 50th reunion, when a quick glance at a "stranger" suddenly brings back instant recognition and floods of memories. After a few minutes you'd both swear you look exactly the same as 50 years ago. We'll just pretend that's the case.

We want to make sure you don't miss this event you may never get a chance to talk to the girl you had a crush on or the boy who was obnoxious but you needed a date for the prom.

Those of us on the reunion committee aren't doing this in hopes of getting points from a counselor. We just want to see all of you, especially those we haven't seen or spoken to in decades.

Our reunion is going to be at the Embassy Suites in Lynnwood - good food, good friends and an evening we can guarantee will end much sooner than you'd like.  

As one classmate shares:

"I can't believe the 50th is upon us. I hope that those of you who have moved away from the Seattle area are planning to attend our momentous party. I'll be coming up from Phoenix. I already have my ticket.....flying into Paine Field on Alaska. How convenient to the Embassy Suites is that? Hope to see you at the reunion."

Please sign up early, it helps with planning and ticket prices go up on July 2nd.  

Go Lynx!

Committee Chair, Dave Morgan.

Committee members, Patty Allen, Korrin Barber Anderson, Marie Bloyd Avis, Norm Bolotin, Ray Coffey, John Gaskell, Nancy Engard Shaules, Sandy Stein, John Worthen, Joe Williams










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Sep 21, 2019