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Shorecrest Class of '99
Twenty Year Reunion
Come party like it's 1999! Have you been looking for a reason to wear your favorite white tee with your cowrie shell necklace? Maybe you've been dying to pull out that old spaghetti strap tank, and adorn your hair with sparkly butterfly clips. No? Okay, well you can wear whatever you want, but you don't want to miss this reunion! Still on the fence? Then consider these facts: Worried you won't know anyone? No fear (did you see that - another 90's reference), we'll have fancy nametags for each classmate with their yearbook photo (worth the price of admission, if you ask us)! Still living at home with your parents? Just tell people you invented Post Its (maybe that one was already used). WHO CARES! We just wanna party with YOU! Don't like anyone from high school? Hmm, that one's a little tougher...WHO CARES! There will be booze! Just come. That is all. See the reunion details link for more information!
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Jul 26, 2019