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Lynnwood Class of '79
Forty Year Reunion
Hey LHS class of '79!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our 40th reunion!  Please help us find everyone, we don't want anyone left out so get on the phone, email, Facebook, or whatever and let everyone know!!   Send them to www.reunionswithclass.com.

Most of us went all the way from kindergarten to graduation together which seems rare these days. As a result we have a special bond.  Let's celebrate this milestone in our lives with a great party!  Bring your spouse/partner, reconnect with friends, relax and have a memorable evening.

We all thought that we would be old by now, but boy were we wrong!  We're just getting started!!  It will be great to see everyone in person instead of just Facebook, email, etc.  You won't want to miss it!!

Be sure to update your contact information so you get your invitation, we can keep in touch, and you can check for updates and info.

This is going to be the event of the year!

Your Reunion Committee,

Madeline (Smith) Herzog

Teresa (Saunders) Rodgers

Cindy (Francke) Knight

Kimberly Lind

Paul Gunderson

Dave Herrington

Debbie Wetzel

Save the Date!
Aug 10, 2019